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ColoWell America’s Sanitation Policy

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ColoWell America’s Sanitation Practices Policy 

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Our Sanitation Practices Policy was last updated on September 23, 2023. Our Sanitation Practices Policy covers any information that is valuable to you and your activities while visiting our office location. Our Sanitation Practices Policy also covers the expectations we have of our employees and how they will be advised to respond to those responsibilities.



What type of action are we taking in-office to help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses? 

When you visit our office, you will notice we are continuing all the recommended sanitation best practices while increasing our efforts before and after each patient.  We may also post information from publicly available information sources, including government resources, through in-office notices, web blogs, newsletters, emails, and social media.



What do our sanitation practices involve?

We are committed to the following measures in our clinic:


Team Health – Our team has been instructed to stay home, and seek medical attention if they have any symptoms, including fever, cough, or shortness of breath. We also ask that they seriously adhere to social distancing standards and sanitary precautions in their daily personal lives so as to protect our team and patients at work.


Patient Health – We would like to keep our community of patients and employees safe. We ask that you visit in good health and not if you or anyone you have been exposed to is showing symptoms of illness or respiratory infection. We pre-screen all visitors with a temperature reading and a wellness questionnaire upon entry. Patients are also permitted to wear a mask for extra precaution if they choose. Guest entry is limited at the time of the appointment, only patients will be seen during the visit.


Social Distancing – While we love handshakes and hugs from our patients, temporarily we will be discontinuing such practices and replacing them with elbow or toe bumps to ensure safe hellos and goodbyes. 


Surface Disinfection – We are sanitizing our office regularly. Surfaces, including countertops, door handles, visitation rooms, and display cases are repeatedly wiped down with disinfectant wipes and sprays.

Personal Hygiene & Protection – The CDC advises hand washing with hand soap of any kind is effective, it does not need to be antibacterial soap. Hand washing must be performed for twenty (20) seconds with either hot water or cold water, both equally effective. If hand washing is not an option, hand sanitizer should be utilized and used by each of our staff.  We are also suggesting to all staff to wear protective face masks with patients and each other to prevent the spread of microorganisms and droplets, and to discourage face touching.



How these practices are beneficial? 

By understanding what to expect at your office visit, we can improve the overall experience of our patients. By posting data and information, we can conduct proper habits and identify ways that we can improve. This may be done through in-office notices, on our website, or other places across the Internet and be provided directly by us or one of our social media resources.



Protecting your health and wellbeing 

We have taken these steps to protect you during your office visit by restricting the access to our patients by only select employees that would be needed to perform their job duties. We also review our visitation guidelines and policies regularly to determine if they need to be improved.



Your options 

If you want to contact us with further questions or concerns, please reach out. Please also review what the CDC has to say about practices you can use in your day-to-day routine:






If we update our Sanitation Practices Policy, it will be reflected here, on our website with a new effective date at the top of the page.




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How to reach us 

If you have questions about our Sanitation Policy, you can email us using or call (813) 278-6430. We will be happy to answer your questions. ColoWell America is located at 2313 W Violet St Ste A Tampa, FL 33603.


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