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A proctologist can help prevent and treat issues with the colon and rectum. This ensures a more serious concern does not develop, or worsen in the event that a concern already exists. By understanding important tips from a proctologist as to how to maintain colon health, you can improve your chance of avoiding colon cancer and other serious colon concerns.

7 tips

There are various things people can do to better prevent colon issues and a concerning diagnosis from a proctologist.

The following are seven useful tips from a proctologist that individuals should follow to help ensure a healthy colon.

1. Get screened if over 45

The chance of colon cancer grows as we age, and there is a much higher chance of colon cancer in individuals over the age of 45. By getting screened early on, individuals can ensure proper treatment is administered in a timely manner in the event they do develop colon cancer.

2. Know the risk factors

Along with being over the age of 45, there are other risk factors that place people at a higher risk of developing colon cancer and other colon issues. These include a family history of colon cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. By understanding the risk factors, those at risk can take extra precaution.

3. Weight management can help

It is important to recognize the risk factors that cannot be controlled, such as family history and being tall. But, it is perhaps more important to recognize the controllable risk factors of colon cancer, such as weight management. To learn how to properly manage weight and reduce the chance of colon issues, consider visiting a proctologist.

4. Have an exercise routine

A consistent exercise routine reduces the chance of many complications as we age, including colon cancer and frequent visits to the proctologist. Not only does exercise help with weight management, but it simply makes the body healthier. Choose something you enjoy, and try and implement an exercise routine of at least thirty minutes a day for several days each week.

5. Consume a healthy diet

Along with consistent exercise, eating a healthy diet can significantly lower the chance of a negative diagnosis from the proctologist. Simple techniques such as limiting calorie intake and avoiding processed meat can greatly reduce the chance of developing colon issues at an older age. Consult with a proctologist for additional diet advice.

6. Avoid too much alcohol

As far as colon health is concerned, there is nothing wrong with having a glass of wine with dinner or several beers while at a social event. But, consuming too much alcohol on a regular basis can increase the risk of colon problems, and most proctologists recommend monitoring alcohol intake to ensure good colon health.

7. Take multivitamins

Calcium and vitamin D are believed to reduce the chance of colon cancer. Also, your proctologist may recommend taking multivitamins — which contain both calcium and vitamin D — to reduce the chance of colon issues and help treat colon problems after they develop.

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