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Non Surgical Face Lift

Why non-invasive

No Needles


No Scars

No traces

Seeing is Believing

Allow yourself to envision your own profound rejuvenation as you witness this striking before and after image. 




No needles at all! Which means no marks or bruises on your skin.

No Downtime

There is no time needed for recovery, Your skin heals during the treatment.

20 min Procedure

Get your Facelift in just 20 minutes.
Pair it up with Submentum and get your double chin lifted as well!

Employing Revolutionary HIFES Technology

HIFES Energy for a Tighter Skin

  • Muscle Toning and Lifting: EMFACE employs HIFES technology to induce intense muscle contractions, strengthening and toning the facial muscles. This enhancement in muscle tone provides a lifted appearance to facial features up-to 23%, improving overall facial aesthetics.

  • Volume Increase: The technology not only lifts but also potentially increases muscle volume, contributing to a fuller, more youthful facial contour with 30% less wrinkles

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Get Your Free Consultation with our EMFACE Specialists who will design a tailored plan based on your needs and aspiration.

Attend your Session

Close your eyes and relax in the 20 min and let EMFACE to do its magic.

  • No Downtime
  • No Discomfort
  • No needles

Complete the Advised Number of Treatments

Complete your treatment plan and follow up sessions and enjoy your transformation as you and others start noticing your transformation. 

Transformations Revealed

Add Submentum to EMFACE and target every layer from muscle to skin to reduce your double chin.

Watch Our Patients Celebrating their Successful Transformations

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