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Discover the Benefits of Emsella Treatment for Incontinence

For many, living with urinary incontinence can be an embarrassing daily reality. But now there is a new non-invasive treatment that could change lives: Meet BTL Emsella! This breakthrough therapy makes use of electromagnetic technology to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and restore bladder control without surgery or downtime – offering relief for both men and women who are struggling with issues such as uncontrolled bowel movement, involuntary urine leakage, sagging of pelvic organs, overly active bladder, or even erectile dysfunction. n

Here we’ll explain how this breakthrough technology works scientifically, review its amazing benefits on quality of life, as well as look at real stories where people have successfully regained full incontinence through the power of Emsella’s innovative approach! 

Key Takeaways

  • Emsella is a revolutionary non-invasive treatment designed to strengthen weakened pelvic floor muscles resulting in reducing incontinence symptoms.
  • Research has shown HIFEM (high intensity focused electromagnetic) therapy to be more effective than electrostimulation or other traditional non-invasive treatment options, with minimal side effects and no downtime required.
  • Real life success stories demonstrate Emsella’s transformative impact in providing relief from urinary and stress incontinence, offering individuals control over their bladder & improved quality of life at an affordable cost.


Relaxed and Loosened Pelvic Floor


Stimulated Pelvic Floor by BTL Emsella

Emsella: A Game-Changer for Urinary Incontinence

Emsella’s breakthrough treatment offers an invaluable solution to those struggling with weakened pelvic floor muscles and the resulting urinary incontinence issues such as stress, urge or both. Women and men alike are benefiting from this non-invasive technology, which works by strengthening their muscles to improve bladder control. 

Research has revealed that 95% of people who went through Emsella sessions witnessed considerable improvement in quality of life as well as intimate health after being on the plan for only two weeks. The same study also revealed that the same patients observed and reported enhanced function of their pelvic organs by the end of the third week where most of them would have only taken about 6 sessions with each session lasting only 28 minutes. It is truly miraculous to witness how patients were able to report all these improvements by just sitting down on a magical chair for about 3 hours, 28 minutes at a time. That’s because the Emsella Chair focuses on attacking the root cause instead of just alleviating symptoms— enabling those affected to regain autonomy over their continence with increased muscular strength throughout their pelvis area.

How Does Emsella Work?

Utilizing high intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology, Emsella Chair provides treatment for your weakened pelvic floor muscles. The magical chair induces supramaximal contractions to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles of the patient sitting on it. In record time, these stimulations result in strengthening the muscles enough to help patients combat incontinence symptoms and improve quality of their life.

The intense muscular activity also results in sustained neuromuscular response which reinforces weak areas of your pelvic floor leading to improved sexual performance and fewer problems associated with incontinence.

Powered by HIFEM technology, Emsella Chair is much more effective in strengthening pelvic floor muscles than any other alternatives. In fact, one 28 minute Emsella session equals 12000 Kegels, strengthening the pelvic floor so you can enjoy improved sexual function and relief from incontinence sooner than later. Additionally, the increased bladder control also results in improved physical as well as mental health. Until we had Emsella, we could not have imagined reaping all these benefits without going through painful surgeries and a long road to recovery. With Emsella, you can rediscover yourself by reaping all these benefits by just sitting on a chair for 28 minutes at a time and without feeling any pain whatsoever. 

Evidence, Not Just Claims

Clinical trials don’t lie. They’ve showcased a staggering 30% dip in subcutaneous fat and a 25% surge in muscle depth. This isn’t just about numbers; it’s about a transformative shift in body dynamics.

The Science Behind Emsella's Success

Emsella has become successful in large part due to its solid scientific research base, increasing confidence in its efficacy. Studies indicate that HIFEM technology is a reliable and secure treatment option for stress urinary incontinence (SUI), urge incontinence, mixed bladder control issues or sexual function problems including erectile dysfunction among men. The use of an Emsella chair as therapy against SUI is approved by healthcare professionals!

Apart from being beneficial in treating these types of conditions, it also enhances patients’ everyday lives through toning up the pelvic floor muscles. This strengthens bladder management skills while reducing involuntary leakage incidents. All without resorting to surgery nor any form of intrusive procedures since non-invasive treatments such as this one is available now with remarkable results when dealing with struggles related to all types of continence related challenges.

Comparing HIFEM to Electrostimulation

Both HIFEM and electrostimulation therapies target incontinence issues by providing stimulation to the pelvic floor muscles. Studies have concluded that, when comparing treatments of weakened pelvic floors which lead to urinary difficulty, HIFEM is more successful than conventional electrical currents from stimulations as it utilizes electromagnetic energy to provide supramaximal contractions for strengthening these musculature. This helps with long-term relief in most cases due to its growth stimulating potentials while also improving control over their respective functions.

Safety and Side Effects

Emsella treatment is seen to be secure, with brief and minor side effects including skin irritation or muscle soreness. There have been no major adverse events recorded in association with Emsella therapy. The typical reactions such as muscular tiredness are usually mild and only short-term.

The likelihood of any kind of unfavorable results during a course of Emsella procedure is quite low. The ones which may occur include joint or tendon tenderness, temporary redness at the area treated or muscles feeling slightly stiff. None of these mild conditions last more than 12 to 48 hours after the session making this treatment option as the most favorable among those that are looking to get back to normal life activities with painless procedure and no recovery time. 

Candidates for Emsella Treatment

Anyone dealing with any of the following conditions can be a good candidate for Emsella Treatment:

Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI): 

Ever faced those awkward moments of urine leakage during physical activities? This study found that a whopping 81.3% of women saw a significant reduction in SUI symptoms after just six sessions.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP): 

Concerned about the sagging of pelvic organs? Integrity of pelvic floor muscles play a significant role in preventing and managing POP. The efficacy of Emsella Chair in strengthening these muscles has already been established through multiple clinical trials. One of these clinical studies from “The Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery “journal reported that a significant percentage of women felt better after just a few sessions.

Overactive Bladder: 

Troubled by an overly active bladder? Weakening of the Pelvic floor muscles may also result in bladder dysfunction that can be manifested as urinary incontinence (UI). Emsella is FDA approved to treat UI thus effectively helping control Overactive Bladder.

Sexual Health Concerns: 

Looking to enhance sexual health and functionality? Clinical trials such as those mentioned in “Journal of Sexual Medicine” recorded that after use of Emsella Chair patients reported higher frequency of orgasm, lubrication as well as increased levels of sexual desire.

Emsella provides a convenient way of dealing with all these conditions without requiring to go through forever medications, surgery or tedious exercises. Moreover, unlike some traditional non-invasive alternatives, with Emsella, treatment plans are customized for every patient depending on their condition. 

During your appointment for consultation, our medical expert Dr. Shiraz Farooq will assess your condition and explain how strengthening muscles using the Emsella Chair might be the best treatment option for your condition.


Emsella treatment is a non-invasive option available for women of any age looking to treat stress urinary incontinence, which results in an involuntary leakage of urine due to physical activities such as coughing or exercising. This type of urinary incontinence can also be referred to as “stress incontinence”. Through strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and improving bladder control, this therapy offers relief from symptoms linked with stress incontinence. Emsella treatment not only improves intimate health but has been shown to bolster sexual satisfaction by augmenting orgasms through strengthening these same pelvic floor muscles.

Women who suffer from vaginal laxity can also benefit from Emsella Chair treatments. Emsella sessions provide stimulation that tighten those sensitive areas within the vagina canal resulting in potentially more pleasurable experiences during sex. So, not only does using Emsella address problems regarding urinary incontinence, but its use also presents various other exciting prospects such as enhancing your overall contentment in your intimate relations.


The Emsella Chair is equally beneficial for men. This non-invasive treatment option equally helps strengthen the pelvic floor muscles for men resulting in various benefits including enhanced bladder control and improved erectile function along with reduced incontinence symptoms. Weaker than usual strength of the pelvic area muscle groups may lead to difficulties in this region, on the flip side, the stronger ones will naturally assist in supporting your pelvic organs. One of the most appealing aspects of utilizing Emsella Treatment is no recovery period or activities restrictions after use. 

Emsella delivers an easily accessible option that is suitable for all age groups of men that are looking to improve their intimate health and find relief from incontinence.

EMSELLA Treatment Process

The Emsella treatment is designed for comfort and convenience, while providing breakthrough results against urinary incontinence. Most patients receive a customized plan that consists of six treatments twice weekly with each session lasting 28 minutes. All done without any need to disrobe. Some patients may notice improvements after only one single Emsella session!

Before Treatment: Initial Consultation and Assessment

During initial consultation and assessment our medical expert Dr Shiraz Farooq will evaluate your condition and suggest a treatment plan. This initial visit might entail completing a urinary  and a fecal  incontinence survey which helps determine severity of your condition while also giving us valuable data to create an effective treatment plan.

No additional preparations are needed before coming in for your consultation appointment since its main purpose is to provide information as well as make sure that all expectations about your therapy can be met with maximum success rate when aiming at improving quality of life by addressing your needs through a treatment plan tailored to your condition.

During Treatment: Sessions and Duration

Most people with urinary incontinence notice an improvement in their symptoms after just one Emsella session. This treatment is done twice a week for 28 minutes each time and involves sitting on the specialized chair, which uses electromagnetic energy to provide powerful yet pain-free pelvic floor muscle contractions. These sessions do not cause discomfort or distress while providing treatment without disrupting normal daily activities – patients can resume them immediately afterwards with no downtime at all.

Over subsequent weeks, as you complete the six treatments, results continue to improve making this approach not only most effective and non-invasive but also the easiest compared to other treatments for issues related to incontinence or Pelvic Floor in general.

After Treatment: Maintenance Treatments

After the first Emsella series of six sessions, some patients might need regular maintenance treatments to maintain their results. Studies have shown that the impact of this treatment last up to 9-12 months. Touch up sessions are recommended to be taken every three to six months and can vary on a case-to-case basis. Sticking with a set plan for maintenance helps keep pelvic floor muscles strong and ensures that incontinence symptoms are well controlled.

Cost and Insurance Coverage

For individuals dealing with urinary incontinence, Emsella treatments are a very attractive solution that can help them reclaim control over their bodies and lives. Unfortunately, the majority of insurance providers do not yet cover these treatments, however, there are various discounts available for bundle purchases or maintenance plans. 

The cost of a single Emsella session is $300 if paid separately, however, there are substantial discounts available when you pay for 6 sessions upfront. At ColoWell America, we strive to make all types of care accessible to our patients by offering competitive rates. Be sure to ask us about our time bound promotions as well as discounts that range from 25% to 50% off on multiple sessions.

Why Choose Emsella at ColoWell America?

  • Expertise You Can Trust: Our medical professionals are not just experts in their field; they are passionate about bringing the latest sciences to our patients.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Emsella utilizes High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to stimulate pelvic floor muscles, providing a comprehensive solution for incontinence.
  • Convenience and Comfort: The treatment is as simple as sitting on a chair! No pre-surgery preparation, no post-surgery complications. Just 30 minutes and you’re one step closer to a life free from incontinence.

Don’t let incontinence hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards a more fulfilling life with Emsella at ColoWell America.

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Watch Our Patients Celebrating their Successful Transformations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The total cost of one session of Emsella usually runs around three hundred dollars. At ColoWell America we offer multiple discounts. Be sure to inquire.

There are multiple clinical trials and studies conducted to establish the effectiveness of Emsella. These studies have successfully established that Yes, Emsella Chair really works and that even a single session of Emsella treatment might bring about improvement in bladder control. Emsella sessions have also been proven to have the potential to decrease incidences of leakage and other urinary issues related problems. Additionally, the procedure has also been found to enhance pelvic floor strength over time thus potentially reducing pressure on various systems within your body including digestive organs and aiding overall health benefits. 

So the answer is Yes, Emsella really works. 

Emsella uses High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to target and firm up the muscles of your pelvic floor, as well as tighten your vaginal canal. This treatment aims to strengthen and secure your pelvic floor while creating a tighter entranceway for improved intimate experiences.

Patients undergoing treatment with the Emsella chair report painless experience with minor tingling sensation. This is due to an intense pelvic floor exercise-like experience while sitting in it, yet without any real discomfort whatsoever.

The effects of your Emsella treatment may remain in place for as long as a year, depending on what is being addressed. For conditions like prolapse it might take multiple treatments to get the desired results.

If you suffer from incontinence, it may be worth speaking to your doctor about Emsella as a potential treatment option. Some insurance companies might cover the cost of these sessions depending on your condition, whereas others might not. 

Always double-check with your insurance provider before booking an appointment. 

Don’t forget to inquire about our cash options as well as the packaged discount available at ColoWell America.

Yes, Emsella is approved by the FDA for both men and women.

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