When is a Proctologist Exam Recommended?

Are you thinking of seeing a proctologist because you are currently experiencing problems in your lower gastrointestinal tract? If you are currently having problems related to your colon, rectum or anus, then making an appointment with a proctologist should be your next step.

You will first need to contact your primary care doctor for an appointment. If they find something wrong, they will create a referral for you so you can make the first initial appointment. A short list of the types of treatment options includes constipation treatment, hemorrhoid treatment and IBS treatment.

What does a proctologist do?

A proctologist is a medical doctor who has chosen to undergo years of additional training to learn specific techniques such as a colonoscopy. They can diagnose and surgically treat a variety of colorectal disorders, including but not limited to hemorrhoids, incontinence, anal fissures, rectal and colon cancer. Proctologists can also perform rejuvenation techniques. An example of a rejuvenation technique includes tightening the anal sphincter when incontinence is a problem.

Here are some common issues that warrant a visit to the proctologist.

Anal leakage or anal discharge

Anal leakage or anal discharge can affect both men and women, especially those who are in their golden years. This also tends to occur more often in those who have been diagnosed with chronic diarrhea. The problem occurs when the muscles that control bowel movements weaken. It is difficult for patients to prevent unintended bowel movements.

Rectal bleeding

While bleeding from the rectum is not an uncommon experience, it can warrant a trip to the proctologist’s office. Hemorrhoids can often cause rectal bleeding but so can cancer. This is why someone who is bleeding from the rectum should consider having a proctologist exam if the problem is persistent or if bleeding is severe.

Lumps in the anal area

When there are lumps around the anal area, it is often related to an infection. That said, it could potentially be cancer, so it is necessary to visit your doctor when you notice these bumps.

A change in bowel habits

A change in bowel habits includes frequency of trips to the restroom and consistency of stool. A few serious issues can be the cause of your change in bowel movements. It is a good idea for you to share this information with your doctor to see if a trip to the proctologist is in order.

Need to make an appointment?

Are you ready to make an appointment with our caring and experienced proctologist? Do you have a few questions about one of the symptoms above?

We ask that you contact us right away so we can assess your situation quickly. The sooner you see a proctologist, the better. Health issues are always easier to address in the beginning stages. That is why it is extremely important for anyone who is experiencing issues in their lower gastrointestinal tract to seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

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