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Dr. Shiraz Farooq of ColoWell America weighed in on what problems and questions pop-up when a patient is concerned about their rear.

So what action do you take if you suspect you have a problem with hemorrhoids???

We know everybody loves to play home doc.

We all want to self-diagnose before committing to seeking medical advise, so we turn to… GOOGLE.COM.

However, instead of trying to solve your problem on your own, and in doing so create worry and stress about your condition, Dr. Farooq recommends using Google as a different kind of tool.

“When a patient thinks they have a hemorrhoid they should go online and utilize their resources for finding a good doctor to help, like Google, Yelp and even recommendations on social media, like Facebook and Instagram – people love to talk about their experiences and share! Getting the best care and finding the right doctor is super important.”

These simple questions can help you locate some of the specialists in your area and help you get quick answers that you need from a trained expert.

Try searching key terms like:

“Best proctologist near me”

“Find a colorectal doctor in Tampa”

“Tampa hemorrhoid treatment”

“Hemorrhoid doctor near me”

“Proctology specialist in Tampa”

What should you look for in the right doctor though???

Dr. Farooq says, “Patients should look for modern facilities with availability for appointments and doctors with experience and training specific to your needs, as well as proper insurance coverage in your plan network.”

You can use online resources to view how long doctors have been practicing, what their specialties are, where they have been trained, etc.

Patients should also be highly advised to reach out to their insurance providers ahead of their inquiries and appointment so they can ask specific questions about coverage and pricing.

We recommend knowing your co-pay and/or deductibles in advance so you can verify that you are being charged what you expect based on the information provided by your insurance company and verified by the doctor you are seeing.

Some offices even provide self-pay rates for services and procedures, so be sure to ask about your options. Patients may prefer to pay without using their insurance, or may want to see a doctor out-of-network for a particular reason. Make sure you are informed of all charges scheduled so you can make the best decisions when it comes time to pay before your appointment. You don’t want to show up unprepared for unexpected fees!

Dr. Farooq’s last bit of advice for patients who are suffering silently: “Call the office and talk to the staff.” He says, “This is the most underutilized tool by patients. A good proctology office should be sensitive to your needs and would be more than glad to talk to a patient and answer any questions possible over the phone.”

Don’t be shy! Call a doctor’s office today and ask for what you might need!

It never hurts to ask…

Colon and rectum model for showing treatments options for hemorrhoids and colorectal surgery

Below are common Q&A that Dr. Shiraz Farooq has shared from his practice ColoWell America to help patients seeking hemorrhoid treatment:

Are hemorrhoid treatments covered by insurance?

Yes! Contact us or your provider to verify your eligibility for services. ColoWell America carries the following insurances, Cigna, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Medicare, Freedom Health, and Optimum HealthCare, Wellcare Health Plans, Sunshine Health, and Molina. We also offer Self-Pay rates.

Will I need to schedule multiple visits to treat hemorrhoids?

Depends on a case-by-case basis. Most cases require one to three appointments to prevent recurrence.

Will I heal completely from hemorrhoid treatment?

The answer lies in the lifestyle choices you make following treatment.

Make FIBER a daily part of your diet. “Ground flax seed is an excellent source of fiber!” – Shiraz Farooq, MD

• Choose a plant-based diet to avoid constipation

• Be sure to drink four to six glasses of water throughout the day

• Avoid strenuous activities

What is the best hemorrhoid cream?

While hemorrhoids may not be cured with topical treatment, symptomatic relief from pain and itching can be obtained with over-the-counter creams such as Preparation H and Lidocaine, or prescriptions medications like Nifedipine cream. 

What are hemorrhoid symptoms?

Watch out for these symptoms that may indicate you have hemorrhoids:

• Painful swelling

• Red marble-like growth or lump

• Sharp rectal pain

• Anal discharge

• Irritation and itching

Usually, symptoms last only a few days and there are plenty of effective ways to treat. Contact us for quick, painless, easy treatment for hemorrhoids – performed in-office. We offer solutions without need for surgery, except in the worst case scenarios.

What does a hemorrhoid look like?

A hemorrhoid can appear as a sudden onset painful lump that may be red, angry, and inflamed. Hemorrhoids can cause discomfort, swelling, rectal pain, anal discharge, and itching or irritation of the anus.

What is rubber band ligation (RBL) for hemorrhoids?

ColoWell America’s gold standard RUBBER BAND LIGATION – a quick, non-surgical, in-office procedure with little to no pain or complications.

Rubber band ligation is preferred for hemorrhoids because of its effectiveness and affordability compared to other more invasive interventions and non-beneficial over-the-counter remedies.

How the treatment works:

• The treatment targets the blood vessel which feeds the hemorrhoid ligating the blood vessel and cutting off the blood supply to the hemorrhoid.

• The blood flow to the hemorrhoid is interrupted and it begins to shrink.

• Since the hemorrhoid has lost its connection with the feeding vessel, it continues to shrink and fall off during the 3-7 days following treatment.

Affordable, no time off necessary

No hospital visits

No need for special prep before procedure

Performed in office in minutes

Does rubber band ligation (RBL) hurt?

Rubber band ligation is the best treatment modality. Complications with banding are little to none. The procedure does not require surgery or a hospital visit, and you don’t have to take off work or require any difficult preparation!

What is a thrombosed hemorrhoid?

Thrombosed hemorrhoids are blood clots in a hemorrhoid. This can result in itching around your anus, bleeding when you have a bowel movement, and swelling or lumps around the anus.

What causes a thrombosed hemorrhoid?

There are many causes of thrombosed hemorrhoids, including excessive straining with bowel movement when constipated, diarrhea, abnormal and irregular bowel movements, pregnancy and postpartum state, and prolonged sitting (for example, during travel, working at a desk, etc.)

What are surgery options for hemorrhoids?

We use rubber band ligation (RBL) as our standard for hemorrhoid surgery. The doctor places a small rubber band at the base of the hemorrhoid, which in result stops the blood supply and causes the hemorrhoid to shrink and fall off. A hemorrhoidectomy is another choice for hemorrhoid surgery. The procedure removes the hemorrhoid, blood clot and blood vessels. You may get partial anesthesia during this procedure and a hemorrhoidectomy is only performed for the most severe hemorrhoid cases.

How can you prevent hemorrhoids?

To help prevent hemorrhoids and hemorrhoid recurrence you can eat more high fiber foods, including fruits, vegetables and whole grains. There are also fiber supplements like Metamucil or Citrucel. Our doctor also highly recommends daily flax seed powder ingestion (2tbsp/day). You can also help prevent hemorrhoids by drinking four to six glasses of water a day and exercising regularly to help the bowels to move normally.

How are pregnancy and hemorrhoids related?

During pregnancy and delivery hemorrhoids can occur due to anal pressure, constipation, and pushing. Hemorrhoids are also commonly known as piles. It is recommended to eat fiber during pregnancy to avoid constipation, which can lead to hemorrhoidal issues. See a proctologist if you are suffer from hemorrhoids during or after pregnancy.

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