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There is a day you can recall that you weren’t dealing with discomfort…

There is a favorite activity you have that used to be more enjoyable…

There is a pair of pants that you used to wear…

Well those don’t have to just be fond memories!

Hemorrhoids are only a problem if you do nothing to treat them.

You may feel shy about your condition, but the bottom line is YOU NEED HELP.

As one of the most commonly diagnosed gastrointestinal ailments in the country, HEMORRHOIDS are a colorectal concern for both men and women – about 1 in 20, or 3 million Americans were affected last year! Hemorrhoids can cause irritation, be painful and are sometimes recurrent, but they are not harmful or life-threatening. Usually, symptoms last only a few days and there are plenty of effective NON-SURGICAL ways to treat. Some simple non-surgical remedies can be used to get rid of hemorrhoids at home, such as a HIGH-FIBER DIET & medicated topical options for added relief. At ColoWell America, we promote plant based diets – including ground flax seed powder as your number one FIBER supplement & doctor recommended use of Plant based medicine as a treatment option. Plant based medicines are known for reducing inflammation and pain management, which is especially useful for hemorrhoid symptoms.

Causes of hemorrhoids can be many.

People suffering from constipation may develop hemorrhoids because of all that pushing! Often times medications and/or ill-managed diets can be a major factor for poor digestion and constipated conditions. Pregnancy is another common cause of hemorrhoids. No, babies don’t give you hemorrhoids! However, expecting mothers not only often experience pregnancy-related constipation, they also have to push during labor, which can result in temporary hemorrhoidal issues. Hemorrhoids that occur due to pregnancy are alternatively known as piles. Even factors like a chronic cough, or being overweight, or your daily work environment could additionally play roles in whether or not you experience hemorrhoids. Forceful bodily functions, like constantly coughing, and heavy lifting and straining can put pressure on your rectum and anus. Prolonged sitting can cause discomfort and increase swelling if you are already having hemorrhoidal complications. Even obesity and lack of exercise can make your digestive process suffer by lacking necessary diet, hydration and mobility to clean and move your bowels properly. While hemorrhoids are simply swollen and inflamed blood vessels, some can be worse than others and are classified depending on severity. Warm bathing or a sitz bath can be used to soothe irritation for small hemorrhoids, which may go away in up to a few days. Large hemorrhoids may take longer to heal. Topical treatments and oral pain relievers can aid in numbing the pain. You may notice some hemorrhoids protrude also, as all hemorrhoids are not internal. Painful external hemorrhoids are known as thrombosed hemorrhoids. They may go in and out on their own, or you may have to push them back inside gently. Non-surgical options, like RUBBER BAND LIGATION, can serve as an alternative to at-home healing for internal hemorrhoids. If hemorrhoids become severely prolapsed, surgical options may be necessary. If you experience frequent or heavy bleeding from hemorrhoids, or have severe pain, you should not wait to see a hemorrhoid expert, for example a colorectal specialist or proctologist. While hemorrhoids do commonly bleed during bowel movements, this could be a sign of worsening conditions.

TO GET BETTER, consider these few simple cures:

• Eat more fiber daily

• Stay well hydrated

• Keep active with light exercise

As always, avoid self-diagnosing by trying to see your bum in the mirror or Googling pictures of hemorrhoids… See an expert first!

You’re not going to get rid of hemorrhoids by looking at them.

If your hemorrhoids won’t go away, seek an anorectal professional. If left untreated, your hemorrhoids can become permanent and won’t be relieved without expert treatment. And if your looking for a treatment option for those minor flare ups, try a doctor recommended over-the-counter topical cream to quell inflammation and pain and to encourage healing.

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Your healing process might just be as simple as a lifestyle change today.

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